Instant Cash Offer Program

Sell your home in 3 weeks or less with an Instant Cash Offer from the Monique Walker Team

Most Common Questions Asked

Question 1

How do you determine the offer price?

A Competitive Market Analysis is conducted to determine the current fair market value for the home. The offer price will reflect the current fair market value. To learn more about this process visit How We Accurately Price Your Home.

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Question 2

Who is purchasing the home?

The Monique Walker Team has hand picked the most qualified and professional investors.  These buyers have been prequalified by The Monique Walker Team and have an extensive track record of purchasing property with Monique for close to a decade.

Question 3

Can I sell my home as-is without doing any repairs?

Yes! Nearly all homes purchased through the Instant Offer Program have been and will continue to be purchased as-is with no repairs.  The buyer will require a 10-day inspection period.

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Question 4

When can I get my cash…when do I move?

The selling process can be completed in as early as 3 weeks or less if you desire. The date you move can be flexible and determined on a case by case basis.

Question 5

What fees am I paying?

The seller does not pay a commission but rather the buyer is responsible for our commission.  The buyer will also pay the seller’s closing costs fees.

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Question 6

What’s the catch? Why would you offer this program?

There is no catch! We offer the program in order to simplify the selling process and give you control over how and when your home is sold.

Question 7

How do you determine if my home qualifies?

The only qualification is that the home may not already be listed on the Multiple Listing Service.

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Question 8

How do I get started?

Simply contact our office and schedule an appointment to view your home. After it is determined your home qualifies for the program, an offer may be provided to you within 2 business days. Our Direct Office line is 602-413-8195.